If you living in China, and if you can link with internet, you will see these 3 weapon which were born in Netizen’s language. Orz, ofcourse, you need to know Chinese. The 3 most dangerous weapons are: 俯卧撑(push up)、打酱油(buying sauce)、躲猫猫(hide-and-seek)。

You know, China mainland is a place which fullfill fantasy and maricles. And the internet in China is the last free world of Chinese netizen. For many reasons, netizen in China have to creat some new words to conclude many things which are more and more absurd.

For example, the 3 most dangerous weapons in history.  And the first is : 俯卧撑。 In Wengan Case, netizen pick 俯卧撑 from the official report which  power by Guizhou Police Department. As the report said, Li Shufen was killed by 俯卧撑( after she do 3 push up in the birgde, she die in the river ). From that on, 俯卧撑 was used in many ways. It just like a dangerous weapon.  netizen write it in their IM signture : the newest weapon:俯卧撑。And sometime, it was used like: Do Not doing 3 俯卧撑 in Midnight, or you will die abnormly.

The second weapon is:打酱油。It was born in the Sex Photos Gate which happen in Hongkong. It is a kiding word. when a citizen was interview about the photos in Guangzhou, he said, it is no concered of mine about the fucking sex photos. And from that on, many people used 打酱油 as comments in many post and news. It means, No Comments or I Can Not any about it.

What about 躲猫猫?Yeap, it is really a dangerous weapon. It was born in Yunnan Province. One man die in the police station, and he was injurned badly before he die. And the Great Fucking Police Station Claim, that guy die in the hide-and-seek game in Police station. So that 躲猫猫 became new dangerous weapon in China. When it was born, the media said, how  great the imagination is. People can die in Hide-and-Seek game,  and what things can not kill people?

These are 3 most dangerous weapon in the Chinese History, so , what’s your comments?

update:How Control 2.0 found its poster boy in Yunnan



the preface ( translated by Faydao, please reserved the link)
Key event: Adidas is the famous band on the Earth. From 2004 to 2007, in 4 years, it profited growth 68.28%. but who know, the profit including how many sweat of Chinese cheap labor. And now , there is a investigation report about how Adidas profit, the report including how to use labor, welfare and working security.
Adidas sweatshop investigation
Li Qiang
Adidas is a multinational company who from Germany, it was famous for its shoes and sportswear. The shoes and sportswear are very popular in the world. It was respected as an Great famous sport band. 2004, Adidas had $646,770,453 profit. And in 2007, its profit had grown to $1,088,393,584 (go beyond one billion ), 4 years, the growth rate has reach 68.28% (all data from Adidas annul financial report )
In China, there are 200 factories, more than 250,000 labors working for Adidas. in the report form CLW, no matter in Chengda, Weili and Changyelong (the factory name in China), there is a similarity: all labors’ pay were so bad. though only 3 factories were investigated, but we can drew the picture for the suppliers of Adidas.
Most Adidas workers are female, about 20 years old, come from rural, just work in the factories which like Chengda, Weili, Changyelong ect.
They work 6 days every week for average, and everyday they work about 10 to 12 hours. They live in the staff dormitories. Every dormitory has 10 people, use a public bathroom. They have no pension. The workers in Changyelong are worried about late, if late for 5 min, they will lost 2 hours wages. In Chengda, only when customer auditing, the security device such as glove and mask were sent. And worse, the staff in Chengda could not choice diet autonomous, cause the factory will subtract their dinner money although they don’t know.
Some Adidas suppliers such as Chengda, declares, the staff work overtime is voluntary, because their salary was so low that they can’t help work overtime for survive and their family. They will not image if they can have an Adidas shoe or others products, though they produced them. If they want have, but it is impossible. Confront the low salary , frequently penalty of suppliers and long time working, the worker just hope the factory will pay the deserved salary.
The real profit holder in Olympic, it could never be the 250,000 workers in Adidas production line. Instead, it is the profiteer companies such as Adidas, they got the biggest profit by cut down the labor cost. Now, Adidas is planning move the produce line to other countries, workers were bled white. They leave the responsibility to China.
For sponsor the Olympic, Adidas had spent $74,567,918, and look at the workers’ low salary, no more than 65 cents every hour, it is not too hard image, how can Adidas sponsor Olympic, where were the money from, they all from 250,000 workers in China. Adidas use 3.5 months salary of the workers to sponsor Olympic. Adidas gain all repute and wealth, but the worker working day and night in the production line, to earn the additional cent.
Who is the biggest beneficiary in Olympic? Neither the common audience who have the chance to see the success and failure of athletes, nor the athletes who win the games. Instead, in the Olympic which stand for peace and hope, the biggest beneficiary is the company such as Adidas. But , the staff who work in the suppliers’ factories, they cannot look for peace and hope.
For that, CLW investigated the working condition in factories of Adidas suppliers : Changyelong sport goods company ltd. Weili textile company ltd of Zhongshan, Chengda shoes industry company ltd. From the report of CLW investigated the 3 factories, the conditions of the workers in Adidas suppliers factories were relative bad, the suppliers did not restrict the factories according to the standards of Adidas. The condition is unpromising, instead , Chinese workers only have the low and cheap salary, the additional work overtime, the paid lodging and boarding, the indemnification with no social insurance, hard to ask for leave, fine, the salary was docked, no security measure.
Impossible is nothing ,the ad word of Adidas, but form the report of CLW, the investigation on Chengda, Weili, Changyelong, for Adidas itself, one thing is impossible, give the humanity working conditions, it look likes impossible?
translated by Faydao.the text will come soon

The singer named XueCun write a song : Tao Ge(President Hu) I love you.

It was very ……..

the lyric below(Thanks Google Translate tool )

In the year of 2007, the 17th National Congress of the communist party was held.
President Hu described China’s brand new future to the whole world.Since then, the Chinese people’s life began to change.


Street spacious, bright lights,


All our heart were in the shine;


Every moment, every experence.


We always feel new.


Are you tired, and you change all.


what are you doing, and can you listening?


Taoge I love you, I love you…..


They all said you are miracle.


I’d love to help you wipeing ,washing or cooking


If you want, all we’d love to.


Taoge I love you.


Taoge I love you, I love you.


They said you’d done something miracle.


I wanna make you least tired and kneading your tempe


If you just wanna it, we’d love to it.


Cause all we love you.



As The First Finacial Dairly reported at 3th Mar, Shandong Province wanted to build a Sign City of Chinese Culture in Qubu, Zhou City each other. The Chief Expert of <Sign Cities of Chinese Culture Strategy> Group of Fudan University, Proffessor Ge Jianxiong said,the Sign City of Chinese Culture( in Qubu City) will be a Vice Capital of Chinese Culture, it can afford some funcion as Chinese Culture Home. 1st Mar, the Head of Shandong CPC and the governor of Shandong province went to Beijing, participate the news conference of the sign city of Chinese culture. At the conference, Shandong Province want to collect the creative plan of The Sign
City. The award would be 8900 thousands RMB (8,900,000).

If Confucius still living today, what would be he says? He is saint, but also ghost. And why the Government couldnot pay the RMB to people, to improve the condition of Medical in rural?

It is so hypocritical what if the government take Confucius as a saint who need worship rather than brush the people aside,and the Confucius always take the People as first. This nous, the Head of Shandong Province and the Proffessor would not know. It is so stuipid that the elite of political and cultural will make this decision. As one point , they are blinded by the lust for gain.

But gain with what? And reportedly, 30 Billions was not enough! And reportedly, it is a Hundred Yeas Project. And at least till now, no one knows, how to pay 30billions back,and how long it can be profit. Please do not tell us, when it building, it need hundred years, and when it profit, it hurdred years too.

And who can decide the project just like this? It is doubted. It was repoted, the Development and Reform Commission of China had approve this project at 22nd October 2007. So there is the news conference. As a huge project like this , it should be discussed by public and Shandong National People’s Congress. But, at last, when decided ,none.

And this poject was moved by 60 academicians. But,the academicians Can not stand for the people’s point of view in Shangdong.

At last, I want ask some quetions, is Shandong have more money which cannot be spend out? And every families in Shangdong are very rich? Except make some political achievements just like the sign city, some government officials can do nothing?

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Mayor reception day: Citizen wait for mayor Day & Night (In Chinese) .

Today 9am to 12am and 13pm to 17pm is the first Mayor reception day of Kunming. But at yesterday 20pm, there have 57 people were waitting at Kunming stadium gate 3. Some people will sleep in the front of the gate.

This old wait for mayor day and night.

This old Lady carry her quilt in the arm, she was reading wait for mayor till the daylight begnning.

Yesterday, the stadium had been ready for the reception day. The staff of reception introduce, after citizen arrived, there will be some people show them how to enter the stadium. First take a reservation number.then fill in the form, recording the simply things about what citizen want to tell. The staff will type it into computer and report to the leaders. After they have got the reception number, the citizens can waitting at the rest room. At the reception day 8:20am , the reservation number will be sent.Who quickly fill the form, who first.

There are 4 reception rooms at this day. And Kunming will arrange 4 leader recepted the citizen. For people will waitting long time and control the quality, the recepted citizen will be 1200. As known , at this day, the Party Commitee of Kunming , the leader of Kunming Government, the leader of Bureau of Justice will participate in recepted citizen.

In fact, at March 2005, Lijiang city Government had built the system of Mayor Reception Day. 15th of every month would be that day. The sponsor of reception day in Lijing City and Kunming City is both Mr. Zhang Zulin who is the mayor of Kunming City(Also is the former Lijiang Mayor.)

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