Exodus, means departure. Exodus from wall.

In Bible:

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In China:


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For Caijing.com, there aren’t any good news in these days: the whole middle mangement level quit, and Ms.Hu Shuli, who was the funder may be fore to resign(Chinese website). The New York Times report:

Caijing, a respected Chinese business magazine, has been thrown into turmoil after a dispute over its editorial policy and business governance led to the resignation of 11 high-ranking executives and nearly 70 other workers from the business staff, according to people close to the magazine.

This news was spread quickly via internet. the Finace.Sohu.com wrote:


Translate brief:

Ms.Hu Shuli had said, I think the right to criticize of media, the right to know of public should be more important than the historic mission of interest group, no matter it given by itself or others. I hope there will be more room for media, instead of pressure, the media people can do their own job confidently. I just think, I should not be shame in future, the rest will be given to later people. It is a hopeless expression.

As many people knowing, Caijing is the most powerful magazine which famous by its outspoken in the Silent China Media. All media need to attactch to a governmental unit, cause the single person could not publish a magazine on his/her own.

This time, as the report wrote, Ms.Hu leave, as reason of pressure form stockholder.But no news on the stock sharing had any problem. So, maybe the cesorship of government should be the real problem.

From the article above in Sohu.com, Ms. Hu will set up the other media portal with the resigning staff in Caijing. The difficult is, there are not two same river in the world, in the other times, can another Caijing born?

If Ms.Hu leave, and her staff too. the sad it is, Caijing’s future, anyone cares? May be not, cause the room reduce, can any media could tell the True in China? If Caijing change to be another CCTV, it sucks.


If you live in China, some news was so interesting. Maybe the people would think, so humor the China government is!

blogger Samuel Wu post : 《不符合中国国情和国际接轨》(doesn’t meet the reality of China and follow the international standard.)

All articles Samuel post were searched from Google.com and Baidu.com. And the source of these articles were: People Daily, xinhuanet.com and Sina. next, I’ll show you the humor news (just translate the title, but you can see them via google language tool).

In a word, the welfare system in western should not be acted in China, but , the high price will be OK.

And, Chinese can’t afford democracy any time. Bullshit

不符合国情 / Doesn’t meet the reality of China.

Ministry of Education: 12 years compulsory education doesn’t meet the reality of China

周叶中:两院制并不符合中国国情 –中国共产党新闻–人民网
Yezhong Zhou(Wuhan University Scholarship Committee secretary general ): Bicameral system doesn’t meet the reality of China –CPC news – People.com.cn

Why the Separation of powers system of western doesn’t meet the reality of China – Theory – People.com.cn

社会保障实行”费改税”不符合中国国情 –中国共产党新闻–人民网
Transform administrative fees into taxes in Social Security System doesn’t meet the reality of China. – People.com.cn

China Government News – Xiao Yang (president of supreme people’s court) : abolition of death penalty doesn’t meet the reality of China

The low price of patrol in USA doesn’t meet the reality of China – China Youth

The policy of Low price of patrol in USA doesn’t meet the reality of China. – Economic- People.com.cn

搞西方多党制是取乱之道 两院制不合中国国情
The multipartism in western is a mess approach, bicameral system doesn’t meet the reality of China

The professor of Party school answer the netizens: the Democratic Socialism doesn’t meet the reality of China

Ministry of People’s Insurance: China is not suitable of the high welfare system which can save one from cradle to grave.

高福利社会未必和谐 全民福利不符合国情
High welfare society maybe not harmonious, the whole welfare of all doesn’t meet the reality of China.

the Officer of Ministry of Railways claim that real name system of train tickets doesn’t meet the reality of China. – political – People.com.cn

the rural holding’s private ownership system doesn’t meet the reality of China

与国际接轨 / follow the international standard.

Development and Reform Commission: the internal food price will follow the international standard next year progressively

The gas price’s reform followed the international standard.

财政部新规提升上市银行财务质量 与国际接轨
the new policy by Ministry of Finance will rise the listed bank’s financial service quality level, it will follow the international standard.

卫生部200多项新标准九月初出台 与国际接轨
200 new standards by Ministry of Health will come at Sep. they will follow the international standard.

, ,

Crossroads share a study report of GE on its Volunteer Programs in China.

The author writing:

Fortunately for us, there are firms like GE who not only have a passion for CSR, but also for measuring everything, and fortunately they were willing to share their most recent results.Results that will go a long way to show how through their programs they are effectively engaging their employees, developing long term programming, and building the internal branding of their firm.

and the report:

One of the key reasons why GE is so successful in driving volunteerism, is simply because employees are the greatest supporters of this meaningful initiative.

Therefore, at the end of this year, we conducted the 2008 Greater China Volunteer Survey to listen more closely to employees’ voices, and collect their opinions in order to make more future improvements

To download the full report,right click here


It will be a Great Joke about green damn dam.

I read it from twitter:

RT @anxiaoyu: 转:@星岛环球网 转:@不在路上 香港科大内地招生 面试题为《谈对绿坝的看法》,凡事答案含有”操他妈”者一律予以录取。


The interview of Hong Kong University of Science and Thchnology (HKSTU) in China mailand is Talk about Green dam.If the answer of students including “Motherfucker”, that guy will be erolled.

Ofcousre, the HKSTU’s interview in China mailand, it is about the green dam.And the comments after the news, the netizens said, it’s too difficlut to answer cause the education system of China mailand. Some guys said, it was a good question. And instead of the Peking University’s interview, the question named: what reson do you think about The Rise Of The Great Nations in China (中国的大国崛起).