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Joke:the HK university will enroll the students who say fuck

It will be a Great Joke about green damn dam.

I read it from twitter:

RT @anxiaoyu: 转:@星岛环球网 转:@不在路上 香港科大内地招生 面试题为《谈对绿坝的看法》,凡事答案含有”操他妈”者一律予以录取。


The interview of Hong Kong University of Science and Thchnology (HKSTU) in China mailand is Talk about Green dam.If the answer of students including “Motherfucker”, that guy will be erolled.

Ofcousre, the HKSTU’s interview in China mailand, it is about the green dam.And the comments after the news, the netizens said, it’s too difficlut to answer cause the education system of China mailand. Some guys said, it was a good question. And instead of the Peking University’s interview, the question named: what reson do you think about The Rise Of The Great Nations in China (中国的大国崛起).