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Caijing: pressure from stockholder or REBORN?

For Caijing.com, there aren’t any good news in these days: the whole middle mangement level quit, and Ms.Hu Shuli, who was the funder may be fore to resign(Chinese website). The New York Times report:

Caijing, a respected Chinese business magazine, has been thrown into turmoil after a dispute over its editorial policy and business governance led to the resignation of 11 high-ranking executives and nearly 70 other workers from the business staff, according to people close to the magazine.

This news was spread quickly via internet. the Finace.Sohu.com wrote:


Translate brief:

Ms.Hu Shuli had said, I think the right to criticize of media, the right to know of public should be more important than the historic mission of interest group, no matter it given by itself or others. I hope there will be more room for media, instead of pressure, the media people can do their own job confidently. I just think, I should not be shame in future, the rest will be given to later people. It is a hopeless expression.

As many people knowing, Caijing is the most powerful magazine which famous by its outspoken in the Silent China Media. All media need to attactch to a governmental unit, cause the single person could not publish a magazine on his/her own.

This time, as the report wrote, Ms.Hu leave, as reason of pressure form stockholder.But no news on the stock sharing had any problem. So, maybe the cesorship of government should be the real problem.

From the article above in Sohu.com, Ms. Hu will set up the other media portal with the resigning staff in Caijing. The difficult is, there are not two same river in the world, in the other times, can another Caijing born?

If Ms.Hu leave, and her staff too. the sad it is, Caijing’s future, anyone cares? May be not, cause the room reduce, can any media could tell the True in China? If Caijing change to be another CCTV, it sucks.