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These are something about Tibet:

1.I against nationalism no matter who take this attitude, Tibetan or Han nationality. Anyway, it is not lovely.

2.In this Tibet Incident, Lama and Tibetan "angry youth" are radical nationalism people. Because they killed common Han people no matter who they are. And The Economist call those radical men Mob. It is unwonted.

3.Why call some Tibetan " Radical Nationalism"? One small thing can be found in Christian Science Journal :The European traveler said he was hiding out with a Tibetan family but eventually got kicked out when he disagreed with their sentiment that all Chinese and Muslims should be removed from Tibet. A monk who was with the family asked him to leave,to avoid confrontation. Even between Israel and Palestine, different nationality people would not be removed. This hatred was sympathized and Pardoned by many International Media.

4.About Goverment Fire. Who first fire? Because of government fire, so Titetan fire? Or Exchange? There is no true. But in my opinion, as Olympic coming, the goverment should not shoot Tibetan first. Because it is asymmetrical force between thme.

5.Now the Tibet independence people said about hundred were killed, no one knows wheather it is right. Who knows, how many Tibetan were killed by goverment, how many Han people were killed by Tibetan. So it is no sense. It is not correct what the International media said that the police shot Tibetan first.

6Goverment block the journalist enter Tibet, I think it is stuipid. This attitude is more serious than the incident itself

7.Dalai said China had take a Cultural Massacre in Tibet. It is not ture. Because of the Globaliziation, no one hide its culture as virgin.

8.Someone may say the Panchen Lama was persecuted in the Cultural Revolution. You see, the whole country, no one can hide at that time. It is not a ethical problem but a despotism problem.

9.Lama’s power was restricted by Party. So they will feeling lost. But the UK and Western media’s provocation are useful for Tibet.

10.Economic allowance problem. It is kindness when you take more money from government and at the other way call government as bandit.

11.About Dalai Lama. He said" (Tibet) will not insist Indpendence, but seek for autonomy". It make the whole world praised him. But his conditions are harsh very much (including: the government can not send any garrison to Tibet, all non-Tibetan nationality people could not live in Tibet….. ). So it make a sense: you see , I give you a chance, but you denied, it is you problem.

12.Someone should say China is a contry within despotism, so Tibet should be Independence. But don’t forget, The government in exile of Tibet isnot a "government" with Freedom and democracy. The "government" above is gather with political and religious, do you think they will be free and democracy? If Lama and Tibetan want independence, they should not killed the common Han people.

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