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12 forecasts on the new policies in 2008 China

Some forecasts below were basic on the article They will Effect your business and lives.(Link translated by Google language tool).

1.RMB appreciates slowly.

2. The taxing amount of local tax department ( besides Central Tax Department )will icreasing.

3.Environment taxing ( maybe need legislation )will be on the schedule.

4.Compulsory education will spread in the cities ( maybe will take some experimental units in some cities. ).

5. Beans and oil supply will be in shortages for a long sight. And the prices of them maybe increasing.

6. Property tax experimental units will appear.

7. Network of the Health Care system in rural on three levels ( it means the county level hospital, township hospital and village level clinic) will be build. The networks were built in the pass years, but how to make it more effective, that is the issue.

8. Strict control on pollution enterprise and behindhand manufacturability enterprise shiftting to rural and backward areas.

9.Medical guarantee system in cities and townships will be build?

10. The goverment will pay more attention on the management of unused lands.

11.National asset legislation will be on the schedule.

12. The supervise systemon on promoter (it means nation here) finacial

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