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Waiting for Mayor Day & Night in Kunming

Mayor reception day: Citizen wait for mayor Day & Night (In Chinese) .

Today 9am to 12am and 13pm to 17pm is the first Mayor reception day of Kunming. But at yesterday 20pm, there have 57 people were waitting at Kunming stadium gate 3. Some people will sleep in the front of the gate.

This old wait for mayor day and night.

This old Lady carry her quilt in the arm, she was reading wait for mayor till the daylight begnning.

Yesterday, the stadium had been ready for the reception day. The staff of reception introduce, after citizen arrived, there will be some people show them how to enter the stadium. First take a reservation number.then fill in the form, recording the simply things about what citizen want to tell. The staff will type it into computer and report to the leaders. After they have got the reception number, the citizens can waitting at the rest room. At the reception day 8:20am , the reservation number will be sent.Who quickly fill the form, who first.

There are 4 reception rooms at this day. And Kunming will arrange 4 leader recepted the citizen. For people will waitting long time and control the quality, the recepted citizen will be 1200. As known , at this day, the Party Commitee of Kunming , the leader of Kunming Government, the leader of Bureau of Justice will participate in recepted citizen.

In fact, at March 2005, Lijiang city Government had built the system of Mayor Reception Day. 15th of every month would be that day. The sponsor of reception day in Lijing City and Kunming City is both Mr. Zhang Zulin who is the mayor of Kunming City(Also is the former Lijiang Mayor.)

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