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Do we need Guinness?

In my life, I have seen so many guinness. Some are so booooooring (even stuipid), and some are interesting. What’s going on in the world? As a man, maybe you needn’t to know so much things. Expecially, something like guinness world record (maybe the record like STAND UP we should konw, as it will make more people be aware of poverty can break the world down. ). Guinness is NOT bread, and why so many people sacrifice their life to it? Maybe the world is so boring, we need something surprising (anything like guinness will waste our money, time, energy.). Then will be something like that: Interesting Economic. Oh, god had said that living is the most interesting things we ever do. But, man, now there is internet,GFW, Sex photos Gate ect.. Most weird things, just like the common sense should be spreaded by the few People.

Who will be the real man/woman in this world. It means, you should not living as OTHER people. Insist your life style, POPULAR things or Fashion is a Piece of SHIT. A simple life, why not?

Ok, forget it. I am far from the title. In a word , a simple and smart life is enough.

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