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30 Billions RMB:Prefer worship rather than Benefit People (Yu Deqing)


As The First Finacial Dairly reported at 3th Mar, Shandong Province wanted to build a Sign City of Chinese Culture in Qubu, Zhou City each other. The Chief Expert of <Sign Cities of Chinese Culture Strategy> Group of Fudan University, Proffessor Ge Jianxiong said,the Sign City of Chinese Culture( in Qubu City) will be a Vice Capital of Chinese Culture, it can afford some funcion as Chinese Culture Home. 1st Mar, the Head of Shandong CPC and the governor of Shandong province went to Beijing, participate the news conference of the sign city of Chinese culture. At the conference, Shandong Province want to collect the creative plan of The Sign
City. The award would be 8900 thousands RMB (8,900,000).

If Confucius still living today, what would be he says? He is saint, but also ghost. And why the Government couldnot pay the RMB to people, to improve the condition of Medical in rural?

It is so hypocritical what if the government take Confucius as a saint who need worship rather than brush the people aside,and the Confucius always take the People as first. This nous, the Head of Shandong Province and the Proffessor would not know. It is so stuipid that the elite of political and cultural will make this decision. As one point , they are blinded by the lust for gain.

But gain with what? And reportedly, 30 Billions was not enough! And reportedly, it is a Hundred Yeas Project. And at least till now, no one knows, how to pay 30billions back,and how long it can be profit. Please do not tell us, when it building, it need hundred years, and when it profit, it hurdred years too.

And who can decide the project just like this? It is doubted. It was repoted, the Development and Reform Commission of China had approve this project at 22nd October 2007. So there is the news conference. As a huge project like this , it should be discussed by public and Shandong National People’s Congress. But, at last, when decided ,none.

And this poject was moved by 60 academicians. But,the academicians Can not stand for the people’s point of view in Shangdong.

At last, I want ask some quetions, is Shandong have more money which cannot be spend out? And every families in Shangdong are very rich? Except make some political achievements just like the sign city, some government officials can do nothing?

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