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diversity and unicity

Jacques Herzog is the Gold Medal winner of Royal Institute of British Architects 2001. I just saw the news (Link) . He was doing a project in China inner Mongolia aims to foster architectural diversity.

Look at the word: diversity. In my life, I have rarely seem this word can be connected with some special and great project. As I know, diversity is realy rare in our life expecially in China. From BC (Before Christ) to AD (anno Domini), the ideal of the Chinese King was unicity the whole country(It should not be a good similitude, sovereignty is inviolate. But how about colony? ).

In everyday life, many people always want unicity. It showed as if you are the different one, also you will encouter many problems. Someone will talk to you, Hey, you are wrong, you can do this thing just like that. And if you ask why, the answer would be, people always do it like the other way, you should be the same.

Maybe the unicity (You should be the same as other one, and all things should be the same) is in the bone and flood of Chinese. But, you see, the world should be full with diversity. It will be a beautiful world which full with diversity. Just like the song which sang by U2: We are one, but we are not the same. (The song named ONE)

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